Above The Clouds x Richard Mille – Dubai

Above The Clouds x Richard Mille – Dubai

Above the clouds, an experience I will remember my whole life : shooting from dawn to dusk on the helipad of the Burj Al Arab, alone with my keyboard looking at the sun rising, then joined by an orchestra till the sunset… crazy.
Music is one of the only things in life that allows us to experiment with the past, because it lets us move forward with the previous notes of the melody. At the same time, we live more intensely in the fleeting present, and we can glimpse the future because we are able to anticipate the end of the melody.
I’d like to thanks all the musicians who played with me at 210 meters above sea level, my dream team, and the Richard Mille family who made this possible.

Director & editor : Guillaume Mille
Director of photography : Pierre Edelmann
Creative agency : Northstar

Audio & sound executive producer : Ivan Striga
Sound engineer and mixed by Sylvain Denis assisted by Gaspard Murphy
Audio & sound technology : PRG Middle East

Location : Burj Al Arab, Dubai (UAE)

December 2021